Winner Take All: Facebook Has 95% Market Share

When it comes to the emerging world of social operating systems, I’ve said before that there can be multiple winners.  It’s been clear that (at least in the U.S.) LinkedIn is the dominant one for business, while Twitter serves as a backstage wire service for content producers and distributors.

Of course, we’ve all also known intuitively that Facebook has taken the lion’s share of the consumer market.

But until we ran an analysis, I didn’t realize just how extreme Facebook’s domination is when it comes to consumer usage.

How about 95%!!!

That’s on the basis of time spent by U.S. audiences on their PC’s, according to comScore data – and it signifies almost complete control of the category.

In terms of being relevant to consumer audiences, there’s now no question that “social” means “Facebook.”  And, if you want to take advantage of the more than 1 in every 7 minutes of online time that consumers spend on Facebook, you follow one simple rule for media in a social age:

You must be present – in the Facebook newsfeed – to win.