Xconomy: Facebook, Google and Beyond

A couple of weeks ago, here in Seattle,  I had the opportunity to participate in a discussion about the future of SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization), along with one of the top SEO experts in the world:  Rand Fishkin.  The conversation was a lively one, moderated and reported –by Curt Woodward, at Xconomy.

My view is that – particularly for media – we are at a tipping moment.  The web is no longer a field of static documents navigated by a precise search engine.  Instead it’s a living organic distribution machine from person to person, through the ether of “social operating systems” like Facebook and Twitter.  And, as a result, I expect Google will be losing ground to Facebook.

It’s was a lively and fun dialogue.

Read the highlights and play-by-play here, courtesy of @curtwoodward.

5 thoughts on “Xconomy: Facebook, Google and Beyond

  1. SEO is a competitive sport, and the winners are rewarded based on how well they can position their business to provide a relevant service or answer to the query entered.SMO is a collaborative sport, winners aren't as easily compensated unless they are big name brands out for impressions.SEO is easier to monetize if you have the means to track revenue per keyword.  SMO is better for gaining awareness about a topic or a campaign.The key is finding where these two intersect at their maximum potential.  ie.  How can I net the most revenue and become recognized as the most influential in a given niche?The really interesting part of this to me is companies that make decisions based purely on revenue, and disregard the social aspects of their decision.  In other words, if Company XYZ will stand to gain significant revenue, but they risk exposure in social media for doing the wrong thing, which will they choose.  Right now, it seems that revenue (short term) is more of a priority, at the expense of having a presence in social media.  The companies that will stay on the right track, IMO, are the ones who make decisions based more towards making their audience happy and letting the revenue follow.

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  4. Very well written blog and I do agree with you. 75.9% out of 100% of people are using internet in all over the world. In which 44.5% of people are belongs to Asia region. By this record, we can easily guess that there is a good population of such users who subscribe Twitter, Facebook or other social sites.

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