Top Brands on Twitter, on CNBC

After studying how top brands engage their consumers and outperform in key financial measures in the interactive EngagementDB report we co-authored with Charlene Li’s Altimeter Group last year (PDF available), CNBC asked me last week to put together a list of the top brands who are doing the most with Twitter… and getting the best results.

I sent my picks over and they put together this nifty slideshow.

The key to the success of every one of these brands is using  Twitter as a grapevine for 2-way publishing:  they amplify their (short but sweet!) messages and promotions to their consumers, and listen to what their consumers have to say.   It’s working.  These companies are scoring big revenue and loyalty wins with their customers.

4 thoughts on “Top Brands on Twitter, on CNBC

  1. I just clicked through the whole slide show, and couldn't agree more with the choices you made. Everyone doing social marketing has a lot to learn from that list… thanks Ben!

  2. Great job Ben. Starbucks is the only company that actually got me out of my chair and over to their nearest location with just a tweet. Free pastry day for Twitter followers. And guess what? I bought a coffee too…

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