Quote of the Week: Carol Bartz – Not Much Rocking And Rolling in Media

From Abbey Klaasen’s AdAge interview with Carol Bartz this week:

Ad Age: You came into the advertising space as an outsider. What has surprised you about the industry?

Ms. Bartz: For an industry that’s based on creativity and inspiring people, I don’t know why it’s so afraid. I don’t think it should be afraid to just try some crazy new stuff. But when I talk to people about online marketing, they just seem to freeze. … I thought this was going to be a much racier industry that wore black and got out there and rock and rolled and I see it being a little shier. I mean, I’m the crazy lady.

Perfectly said, Carol.  The media industry has all the pressures that come from wholesale technology disruption:  the economics are collapsing, and no one knows quite what to do.  But the response  from too many media companies is to stand still while they shake, instead of moving forward.