Media Success Newsletter


About Media Success

Media Success is the (roughly) monthly newsletter that I publish.  Many who have seen it have asked why I publish it, and how they can receive it.

When I started envisioning Wetpaint as a role model for the next generation of media, I realized that we needed to develop a strong if not radical point of view about what it takes to succeed.  So I began conversations with leaders and experimenters in media.  With a variety of inputs from those conversations and the diversity of each day’s news, I was soon sorting through a number of big themes in media.  At Gus Tai’s suggestion, I started writing Media Success as a “whiteboard” to develop my own perspective.

Each month, I write a perspective on the most important theme(s) that come into view as we collectively zig-zag our way toward a new model for media.   Recent topics have included:

  • Is Great Content Enough?
  • The New EPG: Every Media Company Must Master the Science of Programming
  • In Media, Big Data Is Booming but Big Results Are Lacking
  • Where Are the Great New Media Empires?

If You Would Like To Receive Media Success

While Media Success began as a closed list with my Board of Directors and formal advisors, I’ve received requests to broaden it.  I try to offer candid discussion and a provocative point of view.   The feedback I get from a diverse and high-caliber community has helped me sharpen my thinking and integrate executive, consumer, advertiser, and financial market perspectives.

To preserve its frank tone and intimate discussion, Media Success remains an invitation-only newsletter for those with the most valuable perspective.  If you are interested in receiving it, please ask a current subscriber to nominate you or reach out to me personally for consideration.